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We recognize that education is not an end itself, but relates to our larger purpose to transmit “the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (II Peter 3:18). At Westside Academy, we are joined together with the common goal of providing the best education and opportunities for future generations at all grade levels.

Westside Warriors F1 in Schools

The F1 in Schools project is an extra-curricular activity for students at Westside Academy. Funds are raised by students involved in the project. Sponsorships will enable the F1 in Schools team to compete in the Regional Competition in Montana, the USA on March 11, 12, 2018. See: Westside Warriors- F1 in Schools fundraising page.

1) Westside Academy reserves the right to accept sponsorships that are consistent with its mission and support its core programs. 2) The term, ‘donations,’ ‘contributions,’ are to be understood as being synonymous in meaning with the term ‘sponsorship’ by the definition as provided by CRA in the following link: CRA Definition of Sponsorship

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