about westside academy


At Westside Academy, our goal is to establish an environment of learning that fosters the development of good and worthwhile character. Found on this page is the history of Westside and the purpose of our close-knit community.


Westside Academy has been an active ministry of Westside Family Fellowship since 1982. The Academy was founded to provide an educational institution that would uphold the standards of academic and moral excellence held by the community of Christian believers at Westside. The success of Westside Academy is seen as dependent upon two other very important institutions, the family and the church. We believe the family is foundational to all other institutions. The roles of Father and Mother working together to raise disciplined and godly children are the basic building block of our society. The health of our society is first of all dependent on the health of our families. The school and the church are support agencies to the family. It is our intention that the Academy function with the understanding of the pre-eminence of the family. Thus, we encourage parent volunteers to be involved in various aspects of the school. Discipline problems are also seen as being resolved by the family. Consistent and clear communication with parents concerning behaviour and character issues will be practised. The Church is the gathering of God's people in the community. The Academy works in conjunction with the Church and is an arm of Westside Family Fellowship.


At Westside we will endeavour to implement our core values by:

  • Integrating the Bible into classroom through the curriculum, Scripture memorization, and Bible classes.
  • Using the many opportunities presented in extra-curricular activities to illustrate the truth of a Biblical worldview.
  • Providing each person with the opportunity for spiritual development with formal instruction in chapel and Bible classes and informal instruction through relational discipleship.
  • Creating an atmosphere in the classroom where children are validated and valued for their individuality.
  • Assisting each student to see a purpose and goal in their life by presenting a curriculum that presents a Christian worldview.
  • Teaching the value of family from God's perspective giving each student a solid foundation for roles they play within the family, both now, and in the future.
  • Encouraging involvement in a local church.
  • Offering an education that allows for growth and training for body, soul, mind and spirit.
  • Modelling the life long pursuit of education.
  • Being involved in the community in such a way that relationships are built with other individuals so that students have the opportunity to demonstrate a positive Christian witness.